Release. It's more than just putting a product out for sale or allowing people to purchase tickets for your event.

A release is the beginning of a campaign;

a concerted effort to capture attention, engage, and ultimately partner. 

We believe that your campaign should be handled with care and consistency. 

Chryssy Payne

album release campaign


Brief: As "The Good Fight" represented Christian Hip-Hop Artist Chryssy Payne's 6th project, the client was eager to assert where she was as an artist and how she had grown. The packaging for the album evokes the look of old boxing posters while connecting to Chryssy's brand as a fitness enthusiast. The website matches the overall color scheme and typography approach.


Real Queens Conference

conference promo campaign

Brief: Client wanted to "level up" the promotion for the second edition of this annual Texas Women's conference. We created a punchy, fun logo that was then incorporated into all of the marketing collateral for the event.

Kim Kenny

digital album rollout

Brief: Client has a sound that harkens back to classic soul artists like Aretha Franklin. This campaign was designed to make viewers connect Kim's work to those great artists of old while still establishing her own space in soul.


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