Iconic brands are not built BY their logo,

but they are identified by it.

We approach logo design as one part of a brand's identity system and

we build logos to serve as the foundation of that identity.

Nothing is selected by chance or whim.


Building a face for your brand is like dressing a child.

Their image will be a signal to world on how they should

be treated and approached. It's seriously fun. 

RaeShanda Lias-Lockhart

identity for political campaign

Brief: Client is a well established  fashion entrepreneur in the same city where she is mounting a run for Metro Council. The intention was to create a logo the represented the client's style and personality, while  incorporating elements that were portable. The slanted "A's" represent Lias-Lockhart's campaign slogan: "Moving District 2 FOWARD."




Horn Relief Org

global non profit identity

Brief: This organization is comprised of young adults throughout the world who all have roots in the Horn of Africa. Their mission is to provide water to the people of the Horn, who are currently experiencing an unprecedented water crisis. The logo is a simple marriage of two powerful elements: a map outline of the Horn of Africa  and a droplet of water. 


Frankie Lew

identity for fashion designer

Brief: Project Runway alum Frankie Lew sought a simple but iconic logo that represented her fun, personal approach to fashion. The logo was adapted from Frankie's own handwriting and is highly adaptable to multiple applications.

Frankie Lew.png

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We also offer Branding Boards and Branding Guides which vary depending on the package selected.


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