#AskBeSquared - Stuck On The Whiteboard

Dear Brent,

I'm a new business owner, who is still in the planning stage of my start-up. I've got some good ideas but I'm finding it difficult to go beyond ideation and into pursuing the idea that's best for me. Any tips on how I can get out of the garage and onto the fast track?


Idling In Iowa

Dear Idling,

First of all, congrats on your business! I'm excited to watch your journey towards success. I've got a few keys that are essential in understanding how we take ideas into development and out to the world.

A business is a huge commitment that will ask much of your spirit, your energy, your money, and your time. This is why it's so important to be clear about your plans before you take too many steps forward. When I speak to entrepreneurs, these are the 4 things I ask them to evaluate:

- People

Is there a group of people that you feel drawn to? Single Mothers? Families? Folks in a certain age bracket? This is more than just identifying a hole in a certain market. I'm asking you to probe your own heart and understand the people that you feel called to serve. If you're able to find this group, it will be much easier for you build your business around actual needs. When you're meeting a need, you can always find success.

- Problem

What problem just burns your grits? This is an issue you cannot ignore. Something that you're connected to emotionally or even spiritually. The neat thing is that if you've found the right people, identifying the problem will be easy because it will directly be connected to your people. Again, find the people and then find a problem. Your business = solving the problem.

- Place

Where do your people meet? Where do your people shop? Where do they go to school and church? Identifying the places where your people are and frequent is a great way to develop the tone, look, and feel of your brand. When you identify what draws your people to those places, you can form your own brand around these aesthetic cues. These also most likely be the places where you'll want to focus your marketing. (Don't put flyers in the pews at church, though. That's frowned upon.)

- Position

There's a great chance that you are already in position to start your business. You have a gift or a place of influence or something that is the jumping off point. This is important because you need to know that you're already equipped for this call to business. Look around. Find those you influence and recognize the reach you already have.

Alright, Idling! I hope this gets your out of park and into drive. You have it in you. Do it.